EREB ALTOR – “Fire Meets Ice”

Cyclone Empire – 2013 – Sweden

The Swedes EREB ALTOR are already for some time past musically on the road. Their latest opus “Fire Meets Ice“ is already their fourth cd and was recently released via Cyclone Empire.

The opener “Fire Meets Ice“ initially starts very calm and spheric. Borne only by guitars and piano sounds is created a dense sound wall in the further course of the song. This consequently continues also at the following all in all nine songs. Very long songs which are however never artificial lengthened, spread out only by its longer running time their entire musical variety. Black Metal with a difference offered very compact and artful! EREB ALTOR renounce here of highspeed thrashing without thereby lacking the hardness and darkness of the Black Metal. Here arise epic hymns which are mounted sometime with halting riffs or with longer solis. They partially go into the Doom Metal area wich doesn’t do no harm to the total production. Here comes the spirit of BATHORY to life again and is transported into the year 2013. The lyrics are as always characterized by Viking Metal. Old odes and anthems of a bygone, glorious time. The listener is straight abducted in a mystical, musical land before time which represents hardness and beauty. This is distinct worked out at the multi-variant vocals. EREB ALTOR are successful with “Fire Meets Ice“ to continue and to refine their musical path taken in the Black Metal / Viking area. The cd is definitely a must-buy.


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