ERADICATED – “Les Enfants D’Apocalypse”

Self Released – 2013 – Germany

ERADICATED are from Germany. Recently they released their opus “Les Enfants D’Apocalypse“ in in-house production.

Does the opener “Les Enfants D’Apocalypse“ sounds pretty moderate and calm yet it goes at “Cerebral Decline“ at the latest straight flat out! Death Metal, multi-variant and untamed, is now the topic. Raw and coarse riffs which are energetic and thrilling are beaten round the listeners’ head. Thereby these may once in a while make leeway into the Grindcore area. There is headbanging from the beginning the order of the day. The powerful drumming does one last thing in order to manifest rapidity and nativeness of the songs. ERADICATED accelerate fully here! The dark, distinctive growls are the icing on the cake at it. All told this results in seven blockbuster songs which are literally sparkle of energy and hate! Thereby “Les Enfants D’Apocalypse“ stagnates at no time. The guys know what they want and implement this consequently. Very technical and professional recorded I can only recommend ERADICATED!!!!


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