ENTHRONED To Release ‘Cold Black Suns’ Album In June -Metal News-

Belgian black metallers ENTHRONED will release their new album, “Cold Black Suns”, on June 7 via Season Of Mist. The first single from the disc, “Silent Redemption”, can be streamed below.
“Cold Black Suns” track listing:
01. Ophiusa (03:42) 
02. Hosanna Satana (02:16) 
03. Oneiros (06:26) 
04. Vapula Omega (04:55) 
05. Silent Redemption (06:07) 
06. Aghoria (04:14) 
07. Beyond Humane Greed (05:01) 
08. Smoking Mirror (07:07) 
09. Son Of Man (09:08)
Nornagest: Vocals 
Neraath: Guitars, noise and effects 
Shāgāl: Guitars 
Norgaath: Bass 
Menthor: Drums
News credit to : Blabbermouth

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