Nuclear Blast – 2015 – Norway

The new album from Enslaved is a positive surprise for me. I consider myself more a fan of their older stuff, but I don’t have anything against their newer more progressive albums. First of all, the new album is not a logical sequel to “Riitiir” from 2012. Off course, it has some elements from it on it, but not in that amount that it looks like they hadn’t any new ideas. Second, the amount of the clean vocals here on it are more than on their previous releases which sounds very interesting and this give to the songs something very interesting. Grutle is still the main vocal in Enslaved, but the more space that the clean vocals now have add another dimension to this release. The production of this release is good and that is the only thing that is what one can compare to their previous album. That and the lyrics which again take us onto a journey through the world of Enslaved where the Old Norse religion meets a lot of different topics. The songs here on this album are not shorter than 8 minutes while the longest one here is the main song “In Times” with a length of almost 11 minutes. Not one second of them is boring since they are a lot of elements in them which capture the listener. It is hard to say which of them is the best since the all have their own way. The only thing that I can say is that there is not one weak song here.


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