ENSHINE – “Origin”

Rain Without End Records – 2013 – Sweden/France(International)

The international project ENSHINE (Sweden and France) released in May 2013 their debut cd via Rain Without End Records. It is called “Origin“.

Very melodic synthesizer sounds which go into the Doom area unite with brute Death Metal sounds. Thereof develop all in all nine songs of bizarre beauty. Calm riffs, supported by keyboards let the listener make leeway into a dreamworld. This is however abrupt interrupted by Death Metal riffs. Very intense, soaked of sorrow and melancholy sound frameworks. Supported by the dark growls of vocalist Sebastien Pierre as well as clean female vocals now and then (Sandy Mahrer). “Origin“ is a not easy to consume cd. With repeated listening only the entire musical range is hearable. Very professional and ambitious recorded I can only recommend ENSHINE!!!! Who is into this kind of genre mix can grab here unhesitatingly.


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