ENMACHINED – ”Thrash Assault”

Demo- 2013- Bangladesh

ENMACHINED are from Bangladesh. They recorded last year their demo “Thrash Assault“ via Salute Records.
You can hear here purest Old School Thrash Metal. Raw and primordial composed ENMACHINED go flat out from the first note. And this pays out by all means. Three songs develop which sound familiar and nevertheless fresh and independent. Thrilling, kept in the upper mid tempo area ENMACHINED radiate hardness and street attitude. Thereby the snotty, distinctive vocals of vocalist Abir fit in perfectly into the overall structure. Once screaming then again dark it caters for the necessary kick. Diversified,genre-typic riffs put the old school character across into the year 2014 without thereby sounding too nostalgic. Here lives the real Thrash Metal in each note. Very dedicated recorded the cd whets your appetite for more. In the meantime the guys released a split cd with TOXEMIA. Listen to ENMACHINED. It’s worth it!!!!


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