ENDLESS VOID ”Apparitions”

AIF – 2012 – U.S.A.

The American band ENDLESS VOID is actually a 1-man project. Some time ago mastermind James Owen published a demo EP which is called “Apparitions“.

The songs which are available to me are Heavy Metal through and through. Strongly shaped by the NWOBH style they make all fans of this genre sit up and take notice. Who is now thinking a cover band or even a cheap copy of famous role models expect him will be however disappointed here. A mixture of BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST as the base frame delivers the foundation. Simple song structures which are catchy nevertheless appear in no case bumbling constitute with typical Metal riffs a musical unity. Jazzed up by excursions in Doom Metal realms which give the production independence and innovation. The listener is here straight relegated to the 80-ies. There is also nothing wrong with the vocals. Technically adept recorded offers “Apparitions“ everything the Metal heart desires!

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