EMPATIC ”Gods of Thousand Souls”

Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho – 2010 – Poland

Please take a seat for a moment and finish reading this. Are you sure you are extreme enough? Well then, get ready for this attempt of Polish extremeness, as Poland has always been my true Extreme Metal provider. This album has fallen into the right hands.

And yet, it falls below the level I was looking forward to. Let’s skip the visuals and graphics and jump directly into the creation of pure music:

By combining extreme and melodic riffs, the band piles up the various elements of thrash, melodic death and groove. The vocalist makes me wonder what Poland’s singers have to do to end up with such voices! The harsh growling is attempting to produce a melodic atmosphere (which is really hard to explain) but is not well done. The shifting between deep growls and high pitch and those strange voices add extremeness to their music although it may let you down at certain points.

The guitar riffs were preformed amazingly. Rhythm of the songs is executed in a way both fast and loud with well performed melodies. The Solos are nice as they add a touch of intensity. The drumming is awesome as well; great style shifting and well-chosen beats. Bass is not absent either and it’s probably the most recognized instrument in this release with its distorted sound, just not that memorable kind of riffs that one may expect.

Yes, this is a great, unique album and is worth those 47 minutes of your life for a band that is yet to find its own path. On the other hand, it’s a disappointing production for fans expecting Behemoth and Vader-like greatness. Nonetheless, this is the band’s first strike and I am eager to hear more of their music. If you enjoy extreme polish metal, this is the album you are seeking. But keep it in mind it’s not that big of a deal after all.


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