Depressive Illusions Records

The Wired is the EP from this Serbian Gothic/Doom Metal band. On their release, this

band combines a lot of different influences from some of the best bands out of this genre.

I am not saying that they are copycats; it’s just that they use some of the finest from

Solstafir, The Gathering, Ambeon and some others and combine them, but; with a certain

uniqueness. The first song here on this album called “Swan Nebula” opens in a Solstafir

way just to change the course after some time. Unfortunately, this song also shows that

the production could use a bit more work. The song is good, but it sounds too much PC

made for my taste. A bit more work on it would be nice for their future works. OK, this is

a minor problem and I don’t want to go into deep into this and draw this release through

the dirt because of the production. Specially, since I like the 3 songs that are here on this

EP. Also, in time the production seems to get better. Let’s go back to the first song again.

Like I said, it opens in a Solstafir manner and after the opening of the song you can hear

a beautiful female voice and at the end of it, a harsh almost BM vocal comes also into

it. This reminds me a bit of some old Theatre Of Tragedy, but not as orchestral as they

were back in the 90’s. It goes more into the vein of the Ambeon Rock songs to say it

so. “Sepia”, the second song is my personal favorite from this EP. “Golden Woods Of

Ypres” is the last song here. This is more an outro which ends this release in a perfect

matter. After listening to this EP, the only thing that I can say is that this good release

which offers an interesting experience to the listener. Sure here and there, there are

certain things that need to be improved, but this is a young band and I guess that they will

make an interesting album when the time comes when they decide to make one.

PetarMrvic 8/10

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