ELIMI ”Asylum”

Eerie Art Records – 2012 – Sweden

The gents of ELIMI are from Sweden. Their opus “Asylum“ is an already a bit older cd which is now re-distributed by Unexploded Records.

Here is celebrated Depressive Black Metal. Insanity and hopelessness within your reach! Pitch-black melodies enter a symbiosis with kept discreet melodies. As a result develops a gloomy atmosphere which fascinates the listener. Icy worlds without lights and colours and without hope for a recovery are implemented here in notes. Thereon can’t also change the variable use of tempi anything. The emphatic, very emotional vocals do one last thing that you don’t forget “Asylum“ so fast. Thereby the band doesn’t abide only at renowned Nordic values. The production receives independence and identity by the melodious parts without thereby loosing the dark character. The songs are divided into six parts and relate to a the madness addicted human being. Very ambitious and dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Asylum“ to each Black Metal fan!!!

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