ECLECTIKA – ” Lure of Ephemeral Beauty “

Asylum Ruins Records – 2013 – France

The 1-man project ECLECTICA aka Sebastian Regnier from France released sometimeago his now third cd via Asylum Records. He gets thereby as usual female support for “ Lure Of Ephemeral Beauty“.
The first song starts very symphonic and calm. The song acts alone already by its atmosphere and needs also no vocals. The following songs restrict themselves to the mix of Black Metal and Gothic tones to all in all ten songs. Pitch-black musical base frames which are provided with Gothic Metal – typical elements. Emphatic growls and very high-pitched operatic female vocals make clear where the musical journey will lead us to. Here is gone back to the tried and trusted and the notes new assorted. The songs are rather long which ends on this or another place on the edge to lengthiness.You should certainly not forget thereby that here is merely one person responsible for all instruments, growls and other things.Who is into this music genre should listen to “Lure Of Ephemeral Beauty“ and build your own opinion!!!!


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