ECLECTIKA ”Dazzling Dawn”

Asylum Ruins – 2010 – France

Eclectika is a French band which was founded in 2001. Their second album “Dazzling Down” was released in previous February.

Many things can be said about the sound of this album, post black metal, ambient, experimental etc.. It can be felt that there is something extraordinary even by looking at the cover of the album. I won’t talk about generally, I must talk about part by part.

In the first three songs which I can tag them as post black metal, they mix black metal and somethings experimental then they make it melodic, and add a female vocal. Scream vocal is very good, but female vocal sounds odd and disharmonious to me. And the drums remain weak generally.

The fourth song “Les Demons Obsedants Du Regret” is a full acoustic song with female vocal. After that, I can’t imagine where the album heads to..

In the fifth song “There Is No Daylight In The Darkest Paradise,” I feel something like in experimentalised gothic metal bands. The song gets speed by the end of it, but I can’t say I like it.

When we come to the sixth song “Experience 835,” we come across ambient at this time. They use dialogues with special effects, screams vocals and real screams, I can say that I like it as an ambient fan. After that, I can really feel the taste of the cover. In some reviews that I read on internet, they find this song boring, but I think that it comes from the fact that they don’t listen to that genre.

The seventh song “The Next Blu Exoplanet” sounds like an intro of a symphonic black metal song.

The ninth song “Marble Altar” and the tenth song “Stockholm Syndrome” are like the first three songs of the album.

The last song “Corps Decharnes” is the second ambient song of the album. Dark, atmospheric, gloomy.. The song really make you feel the way that it wants.

I find the ambient songs in the album very successful. Post black ones are arguable.. I won’t talk about the others, what I said is enough I think. The ones who are in search of experimental, alternative things can have a look at it.


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