Code666-2015- ICELAND

This is the third album from this Icelandic band which was unknown to me until now so I didn’t know what to expect from them before I started to listen to this record. The album opens with an instrumental which cached my attention right away. Musically, this band offers all the good stuff from bands such as Alcest, Burzum, Drudkh and some others. As you can see, its very atmospheric Black Metal with some Doom elements what they have to offer. Imagine the atmosphere of Alcest (not their last album) and Agalloch combined with the vocals of Burzum and you can get a very good picture of what they have to offer to the listener. From song 2 until the 8 song here (which is the last one on this record) it takes you on a journey which is unique compared to most of the new albums from many bands nowadays. The production of this album is OK, neither clean, nor dirty. It’s just perfect for this release. I can’t tell you much about the lyrics since they are all made in Icelandic, I can tell you only that the translation of the name of this album is: Journey Of Time. This album offers you 56 minutes of a nice journey through the barren wastelands of their homeland. It’s truly something worth giving a try.


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