DUST N BRUSH ”Exist for What You’ll Die For”

Self-released – 2013 – Poland

To be frank, I was quite skeptical about the new material from Dust N Brush. From conversations with the guys I deduced that “Exist …” will be more combined, technical, complicated … and it’s all true. But despite the fact that I don`t like excessive instrumental masturbation , the new stuff from these good guys from Silesia sharply kicked my ass. 3-song EP is a prelude to a full-length album, which, if kept equal level, as in the case of our tracks are, will certainly be very interesting.

I noticed that Dust N Brush avoid the name of metalcore and prefer to define their music as melodic death metal. It really doesn`t matter – influences of both species are clearly audible here. I was afraid that the band will turn in the direction of highly progressive metal and thereby loses its “blackdahliamurderic” character. Fortunately that did not happen, and the more advanced level of compositions only improved the final result. Sound on “Exist…” is selectively to the max, with appropriate punchier, no flat sterile. For example, there has been bass on total weight, it sounds incredibly, clearly hear all the elements, and overall, gives awesome depth. Guitars are fiendishly cleverly arranged and despite the weight of a lot of melodic playing here, there is nothing to lose power and not bored for a moment. Melodies are a very classical in their nature, not in the infantile. Guitars sometimes sound as if they lead a dialogue. Soloing is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship – not played for a spectacular, just to the mindlessly jogging the guitar neck, but with deep sense and power. Everything is perfectly complemented by a Swiss precision drums. From extremely high-speed blasts, the dynamic parties, sudden accelerate, intermittent parties. Well, what’s interesting, for Dust N Brush breakdowns are non-existent. If the party is already “choppy”, it is arranged in such a way that it isn`t exposed, and is only a subtle background for the rest. Vocals also improved (change throat), it is harder, dirtier, more in low tones. I also like the fact that growling is not in the foreground, and the only supplement what is happening in the layer of instrumentation. Nor can I fail to mention the brilliant cover of Tom assembled by Dynamic Designs.

In a very good way that things are going. Check this out (to be heard on a band bandcamp), It sounds really perfectly.

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