DUSK ”Orok Halaban”

Possession Productions – 2009 – Hungary

We are facing a usual black metal album. Band goes with long songs. Album starts with a 17 minutes long song, 2 minutes of it go with distortion arpeggios, then song gets fast –it’s good that I can listen to long songs without getting bored. 3 songs have the same athmosphere, maybe it’s because similar riffs are used.

I can say that i liked the sound. Recording quality isn’t good, drum machine is a little weak. Having the same sound with this album and the album before this shows that they keep their work up with the same standards. In the other words, they try to say ‘This is what we are’. I think if they keep like this, they won’t be able to create anything different. Guitars are standard black metal riffs, song’s face sometimes changes with the keyboard substructure, it this didn’t happen, the album would be so ordinary. I liked the vocals, i like tone and i like its usage in the song.

They use lyrics in their language. I don’t understand what they say, but maybe I could tell that wasn’t fit for black metal -some languages aren’t good for black metal. But soul is more important for black metal, so that’s not a big problem.


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