DROHTNUNG ”Drohtnung”

Misanthropic Art Productions – 2012 – Australia

Recently the 1-man project DROHTNUNG from Australia put his first full-length cd called “Drohtnung” via Misanthropic Art Productions on the dark Metal market.

After a long acoustic Noise intro which comes in heavy and monotonous vocals were probably utterly superfluous. “Silence In Peoples Tears” has already an impact to the listener without any further instrumentation. With the following song (“In Time Of Mourning”) it really gets going at DROHTNUNG. Depressive Black Metal how it could not be even more hopeless resounds off my loudspeakers. Riffs in the mid tempo area weighting several tons are borne by dark sound frameworks. Hopeless and unending sound ramparts develop. Despair, hate and depression in its purest kind. Supported by slow but nevertheless powerful drum lines which let no space for dreaming or relaxing. While adding some Doom elements emerge pitch-black, icy worlds. Old screams proverbially his mind to the heavens and gives the songs thus profoundness and sustainability. Thereby the all in all five songs never get verbose or boring. “Drohtnung” is a rather difficult to consume musical food for which you need a lot of time. Only while repeated listening you realize the versatility and the richness in variety of the cd. From Black Metal tones to Noise Metal is everything represented. Old created here a little pearl of Black Metal which you should listen to by all means!!!


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