DIVISION VANSINNE ”Dimension Darkness”

Black Lion Productions – 2016 – Sweden

DIVISION VANSINNE are from Sweden. Their cd “Dimension Darkness“ was put on the dark Metal market in September 2016 with the help of the well-known label Black Lion Productions.
The intro already presages mischief and doom. A scary and depressing atmosphere develops which is hard to beat of darkness. Kept in the background growls and screams which doesn’t need any highspeed thrashing in order to be effective. This first impression is confirmed by the following song “Första Terror Pergamentet“. The listener is proffered Black Metal of the primordial kind which let develop bizarre worlds without light and hope. The highspeed drumming as well as the dark growls generate the necessary hardness and darkness. “Dimension Darkness“ goes without great experiments straight into the auditory canals and establishes there. A fireworks of emotions without any hope and light. Uncompromising and merciless as it should be a musical inferno develops. The slower passages allow the listener time to breathe. They intensify the characterized by mourning and coldness atmosphere and make the production at no time boring. With a lot of committment recorded you doesn’t get around of “ Dimension Darkness“.


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