Reactivated Swedish Metallers DISSECTION will return to the North American continent on April 22, when they are scheduled to play at the Box Underground in Tijuana, Mexico. Support at the show will come from SADISTIC INTENT, RISE, INFINITUM OBSCURE and NINTH LEVEL.

Box Underground is located at 1500 Revolucion Avenue in downtown Tijuana.

Late last year, DISSECTION released their comeback single/EP, “Maha Kali”, via Escapi Music/Screaming Ferret Wreckords. Armed with a fresh lineup, consisting of mainman Jon Nödtveidt (vocals and guitar), Set Teitan (guitar, ABORYM, BLOODLINE), Brice Leclercq (bass guitar, NIGHTRAGE) and Thomas Asklund (drums, DARK FUNERAL, INFERNAL, DAWN), DISSECTION describe the new CD as “a hymn to the wrathful black Hindu goddess of Mahapralaya, the great dissolution of cosmos, Jai Maha Kali!”.

Source:Xtreem Music

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