Ultimhate Records – 2011 – Italy

When I saw the logo of the Italian band DISEASE ILLUSION,I thought that I have to deal with the consecutive generic metalcore band playing nothing but breakdowns.Luckily I was wrong – in its debut album “Backworld” DISEASE ILLUSION offer ten tracks of decent melodic death metal.Well,some similarities with the modern metalcore scene are inevitable but for the most of it this music is in the vein of old IN FLAMES,DARK TRANQUILITY and all other heroes who developed the Gothenburg sound.So what you’ll find here is a lot of twin guitar riffs,raspy vocals and versatile drumming.And yes,there are actually some breakdowns here and there.The problem is that nowadays there is a sea of similar bands.DISEASE ILLUSION are playing pretty good,they know what to do with their instruments but there isn’t anything in “Backworld” that you haven’t heard before.Tracks like “Predator” and “Eyes Of Medusa” are good but that’s all.There isn’t anything really outstanding.Anyway for a debut album this is far from bad so if you are into modern melodic death metal you should check this band out!


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