Direlands – The Leviathan Video Is Online!

DIRELANDS is an American heavy metal band from Houston, Texas.

Drawing inspiration from classic metal, occult esoterica, conspiracies, and a prevailing dystopic worldview, the quartet — Jarett Dureell (vocals), Troy Binegar (guitars), Scott Coffey (bass), and Daniel ‘Billy’ Thompson (drums) — crafts apocalyptic songs that couple crushing riffs with aggressive, soaring harmonies and thundering beats.

Produced against the backdrop of the pandemic, the band’s self-titled, self-produced debut EP is offered to society as a soundtrack for the end times. Throughout the EP, elements from familiar metal genres — thrash, doom, progressive — are adopted, interpreted, and successively rejected as the listener travels through the modern Hellscape that is the DIRELANDS. The result is a heavy musical blend that challenges the listener to revisit assumptions about metal today. DIRELANDS: The Cave You Fear is a testament to vision and collaboration, and marks the band as one to watch.

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