DIMONSIUM CHAOTIC ”Labyrinthum Nebule”

Azermedoth Records – 2012 – Slovakia

At the beginning of the year the Slovakian duo DIMONSIUM CHAOTIC released their first cd called “Labyrinthum Nebule” via Azermedoth Records.

My ears hear here traditional Melodic Black Metal. Icecold sound frameworks wrapped in melodic riffs which result in a morbid symbiosis. Coldness, loneliness and neverending darkness packed in notes. The listener is abducted in a world without colours which seems to offer no way out. Reinforced by powerful drum attacks the all in all seven songs go forwards. “Labyrinthum Nebule” completely serves the Black Metal genre without being a cover band of any well-known Black Metal band. On the contrary DIMONSIUM CHAOTIC are successful in finding their very own style and nevertheless to play primordial Black Metal. By the diversified play of tempi and rhythm are generated dark, very intense moods which rekindle the spirit of the 90-ies. The use of keyboards soothe the hardness and gives additional substance. You should check out DIMONSIUM CHAOTIC by all means. It’s worth it!!!

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