DIMHOLT ”Liberation Funeral”

Independent – 2014- Bulgaria

DIMHOLT are from Bulgaria and truly no newcomer anymore. Already since 2003 musically active they published earlier this year their first full-length cd. It is called “Liberation Funeral“.
The title of the cd says it all here. You can hear pitch-black Old School Black Metal. Raw and primordial. Heavy, partially halting riffs which are conscious kept simple spread darkness and pain of the soul. A journey in bizarre, dark worlds of which there is no escape. Very emotional and emphatic growls which reflect sorrow and despite of the entire human kind. Supported by a variable, aggressive drumming which gives the main points. The slower passages reinforce the oppressive atmosphere. The songs seem to overwhelm the listener literally beccause of the misantrophy and hopelessness they exude. A very intense musical journey for which you need a lot of stamina. Get involved with this journey. It’s certainly worth it. Who wants to witness the origins of Black Metal in the year 2014 whom be mostly warnly recommended “Liberation Funeral“!!!!


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