2009 – France

French brutal death metal band Diktat is formed in 1997 and their first production is a demo,published in 2000. Their 2nd demo, “II” is published 8 years later, in 2008, they aren’t very productive or something keeps them busy.

Demo’s recording is a middle quality record, production is not so bad, but I need more powerful sound for brutal death metal. Band does European style brutal death metal, but that’s death metal, you can hear Florida influence. Solo guitar tone in the album is interesting, seems absurd, but somehow it is good. There’s a production fault for the album, sometimes brutal, sometimes guttural vocal’s volume is not enough, technical and crippled guitar riffs are almost lost, maybe a more hard tone for the guitars could have fixed that. Speed of the songs is good,just like a serial murder.Compositions are good and adequate. My favourite is “Attrition”. There are some who love that sound but I hope they record with a better sound and production next time.


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