DEW-SCENTED ”Invocation”

Metal Blade/Prosthetic Records – 2010 – Germany

German modern thrash metal band Dew Scented’s new album is released, to tell the other words, you can see the songs on the iPods, iPhones and Mp3 players. Sound is good, both thrash metallers and new emerged metalcore, deathcore listeners may like it. There are many groovy riffs and changing tempo rhytms, you may consider you are listening to a modern metal album.

But the album is really good, it makes you listen to the end. You can hear heavy metal, metalcore, deathcore, melodic death metal riffs besides thrash metal riffs. Nice and sharp soloes,rough vocals and succesful instruments make the album great. You know, Metal Blade doesn’t produce bad bands’ albums. But we still can call them popular metal.

I liked the song “Torn of Shreds” in the album. I advised it to the ones I know, and I suggest it to you too.


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