DEVOID ” The Invasion”

Demo – 2014- India

DEVOID are from India. Last year they released their cd “The Invasion“ via Transcending Obscurity Records.
The intro let hope of a production with Indian folklore music and acoustic guitars. But, far from it! “The Invasion“ shows what’s it really about! Death Metal music. Studded with some Thrash influences develop five energetic and independent songs. Melodic, diversified riffs give the production a musical base frame. Filled with an aggressive drumming “The Invasion“ receives likewise hardness and freshness. The forceful, snotty vocals give additionally aggressiveness. All mixed this results in an independent sound with a lot of room for guitar solis. Maladjusted, wild and characterized by unbridled energy DEVOID show their understanding of modern Death Metal in the year 2014. The guys do their job really not that bad. Preferably listen to “The Invasion“ yourselves and form your own opinions!!!!


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