DEVANGELIC ”Resurrection Denied”

Comatose Music – 2014 – Italy

Here we are with the Devangelic first Full Lenght album ‘Resurrection Denied’. We also interviewed this band for Extreminal readers.Band formed in 2012 and gained and achieved in a short time period very good response and positive feedbacks from the underground scene.About two years ago i discovered this band from their 2012 promo release, people who doesnt check this promo yet its highly recommended too. Band consist of Vulvectomy , Putridity and Indecent Excision members.They released their first full lenght this year 2014 from Comatose Music and deadly hit the scene with total 9 brutal punishing tracks in the vein of Disgorge , Condemned and Gorgasm and gave us everything what we ask from Brutal Death Metal.Killer Slamming parts , mega blasting riffing chaos , and ultra low guttural vocals with the legendary artwork from Toshi Egawa. Devangelic Delivering to us non stop fast tempo changings , head crushing slammy parts (but non boring slam parts which is not like other thousands of slam bands are playing now a days) with dark and evil passages of riffing carnage is a great example of brutality.The drumming in this album at first a bit exaggerated sounding but their 21 years old young talented drummer Alex Wenders is just nailing it to the cross in hell on live shows too.He s at the beginning of very bright drumming career in my opinion.Bands lyrical and visual concept is into classical Unholy , Anti-Christian themes , many other American bands also already used those themes but Devangelic added a bit more dose of Gore Lyrics into this concept.We are also not expecting more new ideas and experimental lyrics now a days Brutal Death metal , also nobody needs this.This one is my most listened albums of this year , so check this out , Listen it and recommend to others too.


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