DESASTER ”The Arts of Destruction”

Metal Blade Records – 2012 – Germany

Desaster has been in the underground since 1988, this is their 7th studio release, recorded at ToxoMusix Studios, mixed and mastered at Temple of Disharmony. “Phantom Funeral” is haunting one of my favorite songs off their release. “The Arts of Destruction” should appeal to any Venom lover, their talent is overwhelming, I could listen to this release over and over again. “Queens of Sodomy” what a great song-it’s got a great tempo, nice riffing, catchy I love it. “At Hell’s Horizon” could it get better than this epic, if you haven’t heard Desaster, you don’t know what your missing, “The Arts of Destruction” is a supremely evil release, one you can’t live without.


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