DEPRIVE ”Into Oblivion”

Memento Mori – 2016 – Spain

The one -man project DEPRIVE already exists since 2013. After several demos the Spaniard Erun-Dagoth released in January 2015 his first full-length cd which is called “Into Oblivion“. The label MEMENTO Mori distributes the cd.
It is the symbiosis between the calm passages and the demolition bomb of Death Metal power which makes here the difference. On the one hand rock-hard riffs which imply hardness and aggressiveness. On the other hand dark, depressive tones which touch the soul. This mix let grow an independent sound. It develops bizarre, pitch-black worlds of mourning, hopelessness, power and hate. Sheer emotion! The dark, emphatic growls yet do one last thing. Variable played riffs let develop a certain dynamic without thereby deviate a millimetre from the actual musical goal. Very dedicated recorded “Into Oblivion“ is a good example that mixtures of styles between Death Metal and Doom Metal can also be successful! Listen to DEPRIVE. It’s worth it. Especially as everything is done by a single person!!!!


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