DEPRESSED ”Afterlife In Darkness”

Self Released Album – 2015 -Brazil

DEPRESSED are from Brazil. They released in March 2015 with the help of the label Black Lion Productions their latest opus “Afterlife In Darkness“.
Let the sirens scream. The guys celebrate here Swedish Old School Death Metal. Raw and without any technical folderol it is opened the throttle here from the first note on. Typical Metal riffs which come to the point outright and diversified build together with forceful bass-lines the musical base frame. The hard doubleblast drumming shows at no time weaknesses and thrashes the production forwards. Hardness and uncompromisingness paired with rapidity. The dark, distinctive growls of Giovani Venturrra reinforce the positive general impression and yet give an extra portion of pressure. You feel straight relegated into the good old days of Death Metal without thereby being too nostalgic. Very dedicated and experienced played I can only recommend “Afterlife In Darkness“!!!!


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