My Kingdom Music – 2009 – Russia

When I start listening to the Russian band arising from Novosibirsk-Siberia, Defect Designer’s first album ‘Wax’; I liked the enterance track ‘Composing The End’ and then the following one ‘Stillborn’. However, parts of progresses slowly broken down my face expression. After a while I lost the part which I’m listening. Some more melodic, some more brutal, but in the end of it most parts look similar. If we look at the group’s formation process; in 2007 band’s 4-track promo cd ‘W’ is recorded and in 2008 Band log in to the Poland-Hertz such as the bands like Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth, Sceptic. In 2009 dealing with My Kingdom Music is launching Wax. This rapid development process of the band must have attracted the Norwegian Forces Of Satan Records that the promo cd ‘W’ runned as world-wide. As a supportive type of Extreme-schizo death label; strong guitar riffs and different rhythms are exist. Drums are hard and strong. The vocals are standard brutal. But sometimes hard vocals can be annoying. Actually band members are well enough in indivudual, but maybe the fact of being the first album, it feels like you are listening the same song from the begining to the end. That’s why the album takes some time to understand. It could be more simple in structure and could be more enjoyable if one of the songs have been in the future albums… But it’s a very hardworking band so they could reach a better place in time…


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