DEEPER DOWN ”Evocation”

Depressive Illusions Records – 2012 – Serbia

The Serbs DEEPER DOWN released in 2012 a split cd with AWAITING FEAR.

But, how does the music of DEEPER DOWN sounds like? DEEPER DOWN rekindle here the spirit of the Old Black Metal. Dark sound frameworks mix with melodic riffs to a pitch-black musical mass. Supported by powerful bass lines and severe drumming which is however always kept in the background. The emphatic dark growls of vocalist Toni Vladimirov reinforce and support the hopelessness and the icy mood of the all in all five songs. The listener is pulled down in a maelstrom of despair and hate from which there’s no escape. The melodic insertions straighten out the misanthropic mood without swinging off of the actual goal or only swinging off less. “Evocation“ got a very intense cd for which you should take time. The songs are all kept in the mid-tempo area. Who is into Old Black Metal can grab here unhesitatingly!!!

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