DEEDS OF FLESH ” Of What’s To Come”

Yes, it is a late critique for one of the oldest and hardest member of Californian death-grind wave. The band is Deeds of Flesh and Album is Of What’s to Come. I’ve been listening to them since 1996 and I am a fan. Their album is published by frontman Eric’s firm Unque Leader which by the way has become the trademark for this genre. First thing comes to attention in this album is band is back to for members which leads to a second guitar. A guy called Sean Southern has become lead guitar for this album. Another detail is band long existed bass player is no more a part of this album. A few months ago bass player Norwegian Erlend Caspersen joined the band. This album is entirely different from their last one, Crown of Souls which I didn’t quite enjoy by the way. Solos are in the right place and show themselves. Sound of Deeds which is we know, filthy and dark is intensely used along with the atonel rhytims. One other issue to be underlined is, even though in general sense album is filthy and brutal recording technique is very modern and clear. The album has a very normal sense and has parts in need to be emphasized by me. It’s been an album most apreciated and listen by me after the album ‘Path of the Weakening’ was released. Genre fans should check it out, band fans should never miss.


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