DECAPITATED CHRIST ”Arcane Impurity Ceremonies”

FDA Recotz – 2014- Spain

The Spaniards DECAPITATED CHRIST released in April 2014 their latest opus “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies“ in in-house production.
You can hear here Old School Death Metal at its best. Classical riffs come upon forceful bass-lines which give the main points. Played very technical they receive a certain modern complexion without denying there roots. The all in all nine songs thereby move always in the upper mid tempo area. Sowith here is forcefully floored. “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies“ receives additional energy and hardness by the merciless and strong-willed doubleblast drumming. DECAPITATED CHRIST is therefore not for sissies! Here is thrashed from the first to the last minute to a fare-thee-well. Headbanging non-stop inclusive! The emphatic, merciless hard growls do one more thing in order to reinforce and to manifest aggressiveness and darkness. Professional recorded I can only recommend DECAPITATED Christ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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