DECADENCE ”Chargepoint”

Spiritual Beast – 2009 – Sweden

Decadence are three dudes (used to be four) and a hot chick who’re from that country of endless metallic potential, Sweden. Quite predictably, it’s frontwoman Ms. Kitty Saric who’s busy with the grunts on the album, and true to form, she sounds worse than her male counterparts in the extreme metal realm. In terms of musicianship alone though, boy oh boy, are Decadence tighter than spandex pants. For album number four—it goes by the name “Chargepoint”—Decadence make sure to balance their natural harshness with the melody that their self proclaimed ‘melodic thrash metal’ style suggests. Rather than come off as late arrivals in melodic death metal (though there are glimmers of its influence throughout), Decadence are a more fearsome beast with a closer affinity to their genre counterparts from Germany and the USA.

Beginning with the catchy opener “Discharge” that’s four minutes of neck twisting fun and awesome guitar shredding from one Kenneth Lantz and infernal percussionist Erik Rojas, this invincible tandem provide the backbone for their she screamer’s beastly snarls n’ growls. Wihtout a doubt, many would have welcomed Decadence into the ranks of death metal had they opted for a stripped down sound, but nay, they’re bent on thrash and thrash is what they deliver in spades for the 37 minutes that’s “Chargepoint.” A little In Flames meets your favorite Slayer and Testament on “Out of Ashes” and the pounding “Fast Forward,” yet the best song on the album arrives near the end. Calling tiself “Challenge,” it bursts from your speakers in an agonizing glut of delicious chunky riifs that shifts to the rolling melodic muscle that inspires moshpits. A beautiful guitar solo erupts somewhere between choruses, but this is evenly matched by the pulsating rhythmic bludgeons that’s behind the song’s spitfire lyrical venom. Then there are gang style backing vocals galore; priceless.

Not to be fooled by its suggested sentimentality, “Be Home When I’m Gone” brings on more of the same and quickly fades from the listener’s memory once the glorious instrumental “The Demons Run” flickers with acoustic guitars, ignites into hook ladden riffs, then burns and fades to oblivion. Once the album is over, you’ll probably go back to some of the better songs here, and then keep tab on Decadence for whatever future delights they have in store for the metal world.


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