Debut Album Of Troll Breeder : Den of Trolls

Berlin based underground project Troll Breeder has released its debut album ‘Den of Trolls’ . The one-man-band presents a very dark and melodic style of death/folk metal without using any vocals. However these instrumental pieces just flow away that you don’t feel the need of hearing any vocals on it, as the riffs and solos are more than satisfying. The nordic-folk elements are especially remarkable at this brand new work. If you have an interest in progressive and melodic music then just give it a shot
and support this independent work.

Den of Trolls Tracklist:
1. Trail
2. Passage 5
3. Root Canal
4. Onwards
5. Fog
6. Summon Banish Summon
7. Garden
8. Cheap Blood
9. Nobility
10.Freyr and Freya

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