DEATHCRUSH ”Collective Brain Infektion”

Casket Music – 2013 – Italy

The Italians DEATHCRUSH are already since 2003 musically on the road. In February 2013 they released their latest opus “Collective Brain Infektion“.

What does resound here off my loudspeakers? Genuine Death Metal. Dark, aggressive songs which pertially belabor the listener with high speed and come in extremely brutal. Death Metal riffs mixed with powerful, partially played in an incredible speed, drumming constitute the base frame of “Collective Brain Infektion“. The very distinctive, pitch-black growls of vocalist and bassist Luigi Cara go partially already in the Crust area and give the production additional independence. Here is headbanging from the first to the last note the order of the day! The all in all ten songs are all kept in the mid tempo area and are overflowing of energy. By the variable use of speed DEATHCRUSH give the production sufficient alternation. Hate, darkness and aggressiveness are well implemented and transported here. The sound of DEATHCRUSH is definitely catchy and fixes in the ears! I can only recommend this cd!!!

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