DEATH TYRANT ”Opus De Tyranis”

Non Serviam Records – 2013 – Sweden

The Swedes DEATH TYRANT released with “Opus De Tyranis“ their first full-length cd via Non Serviam Records.

The gents celebrate here Black Metal by every trick in the book. Dark Black Metal frameworks unite with melodic parts to very independent songs. Technical played the melodic riffs receive thus additional strength and sustainability. By the bizarre symbiosis of beauty and darkness, hate and despair are practically within yours reach. Pure emotios which are yet reinforced by the emphatic,dark growls of vocalist Nargradir Agartha. The severe doubleblast drumiing does one last thing. The very melodic riffs relax the production a bit without thereby coming overly to the fore. Productional impeccable recorded you realise here that there were very ambitious and adepted musicians at work. DEATH TYRANT delivered here a strong piece of Black Metal which is modern and nevertheless never disowned its Black Metal roots. A must for all Black Metal fans!!!!

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