Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum -2014 – Italy

The Italians DEADLY CARNAGE are already since 2005 musically active. In March 2014 their cd “Manthe“ came into the market via ATMF.
You can hear here Doom Metal. Slow, halting riffs let develop hopelessness and deepest depression. A dense, musical wall peppered with forceful bass lines and a powerful, however never superimposing drumming grows. These seem to be inpenetrably. Soaked with weltschmerz and aplenty of sorrow and infinite darkness rise dream worlds which are out of this world. The extremely emotional vocals of Marcello yet give additional strength and hopelessness at the same time. Nevertheless “Manthe“ is no boring production. Skilful games with the tempo and the sophisticated adaptions let sound the production in some places even a little bit relaxed. A very emphatic cd which makes a lasting impression on the listener. It is not easy to consume, yes sometimes a bit unwieldy which is also down to the partially very long songs. But, if you let yourself in for this musical journey you will be able to realize the multifacetedness of “Manthe“. Very dedicated and emtional recorded. A must for all Doom Metal fans!!!!


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