DEAD SAMARITAN – ” The Only Good Samaritan…”

Casket Music – 2012 – Finland

DEAD SAMARITAN put recently their already fourth cd on the Metal market. It is distributed via Casket Music / Metal Revelation.
The Fins get started immediately. Without an intro it goes straight and without detours to the voluntary target. DAED SAMARITAN play a mixture of Death Metal and Thrash Metal (or with pleasure in reverse).Dark Death Metal riffs mixed with Thrash Metal parts to a meaningful, very lively musical unit. Aggressiveness, hate and boisterous anger implemented in notes. The production receives by melodic (Thrash Metal) solis dynamics and alternation. Nevertheless there is displayed a mainly high speed you can also hear slowly passages. “The Only Good Samaritan“ gets more multi-variant and sowith also more accessible to the listener by this game of tempi. The gents thus come up with an idea here in order to let sound the cd fresh and independent. Forceful bass lines support the general impression and still give an extra kick. The snotty vocals do one last thing for the success of the production. Very dedicated and ambitious I can only recommend “The Only Good Samaritan“ to each Death Metal / Thrash Metal fan!!!!!


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