Dawn of Revenge Released An New Video “No Hope”

This song uses the successful formula from movies like “dawn of the dead” to portray humans who don’t use their own mind as zombies. This song criticises today’s society where all the people who don’t comply with the standards or the thinking of the majority are deprived. The protagonist of this song is one of the few people left who can think for themselves and don’t need any device to tell them which thinking is right and which is wrong. Facing the continuous growth of the unthinking majority makes him/her more and more hopeless. Being in a state of total powerlessness, he/she begs for someone to help because adapting to the (double) standards of modern society is not an option. In the end, he/she realizes that he/she is the only one who can help. He/she is not like the others. He/she is able to make his/her own decisions, hence he/she will use this “power” to make a change and the world a better place. This song is a general criticism with no special political background. There is a lot which goes wrong in today’s society; discussions most of the time are done on an emotional level and not based on facts. Conspiracy theorists gain more and more followers no matter how absurd these theories are. Fake news is all over the place, blind are leading the blind. Use your brain and don’t fall for lies.

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