Moonskull – 2012 – USA

The Americans DAUDEN I MORKE released at the beginning of this year their already second full-length cd called “Nephilim“ via Moonskull.

Slowly constructing melody bows which are initially kept atmospheric in order to unite slowly to dark sound structures. From whispered words through to actual Black Metal growls is here also everything present in terms of vocal techniques. It doesn’t remain here of one vocalist, too which makes “Nephilim“ additionally interesting. In the mid tempo area kept songs which go completely without highspeed thrashing. Aggressive and sustainable songs develop which could not be even blacker. There are created atmospheric and frightening cold sound constructs of bizarre beauty which are held simple and nevertheless doesn’t fail to have the desired effect. “Nephilim“ receives a certain freshness by the mix of different tempi and tones which is however very subtle. Unfortunately the cd is not that good production-wise. But this doesn’t harm to the whole production. So, let’s go and check out DAUDEN I MORKE. It’s worth it!!

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