DAUDEN I MORKE ”Cold Miasmic Domain”

Moonskull Records-2014- United States

DAUDEN I MORKE are heard from again. Their by now third full-length trick which is called “Cold Miasmic Domain“ was released at the beginning of the year via Moonskull Recordings.
The gents also present here Black Metal extraordinaire. Beautiful melodies are merged with dark, depressive Black Metal tones to a very special musical mixture. It is of morbid, cold beauty which casts a spell over the listener. “Cold Miasmic Domain“ never gets boring or too melodic by multi-variant riffs and a powerful drumming. Worlds of hate, mourning and darkness gape in the listeners’ mind’s eye. Partially played more aggressive than at the forerunner “Nephilim“ DAUDEN I MORKE however never loose their independend sound. An additional advantage is, that four vocalists have here a finger in the pie (Plus guest vocalist Aisling on “Drowned“). Because of this the production receives additional variety and dynamics. The all in all ten songs move in the mid tempo area. Technically adept and with a lot of emotions recorded is “Cold Miasmic Domain“ an absolutely must-buy!!!!


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