DARKTHRONE ”Circle the Wagons”

Peaceville – 2010 – Norway

Norway’s so called ‘crownless kings’ Darkthrone made many albums in their careers which started with death metal without knowing they would create a way to Black Metal and they were on the scene with many masterpieces, they were the number one coppied band of their style, they were imitated around the world, creating albums, concerts, manners, mafias etc. In France, Mexico, Japan etc.

Circle Of Wagons, the continuum of the band’s last album has a more heavy metal influence, you can see punk influence on Darkthrone for the last 6-7 years, actually we could see that the band would come to this by listening to the albums like Panzerfaust, Total Death, Ravishing Grimmness, they were cliches. They made us hear 80s heavy metal on this album, I (personally) smell W.A.S.P, vocals are classic Nocturno vocals, but I like the album’s musical quailty. Darkthrone who I found their last albums better than the others are speaking to the middle-aged metal listeners, I say middle-aged because, adolescent won’t understand that music, and call it “posing” or “imitation music”. But we should know that punk is the basics of thrash, heavy and black metal…

I feel excitement if I criticise the bands like this, they have millions of fans all over the world. There are little amount of that bands. I overjoyed with the I Am the Graves of the 80s and Circle the Wagons songs. Circle of Wagons may remind you Canadian Metal, but that’s Darkthrone,folks!


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