Avangarde Music – 2014 – Switzerland

Here we have another album from Darkspace from Swiss. Again, they offer us the dark and mystic chaos from the universe in 3 chapters. Their music is again very cold and mysteries and it would fit very much as a soundtrack for a horror movie in space like EVENT HORIZON. Who hasn’t heard about them yet, here are a few info about them. This is a project from the Paysage D’ Hiver member where he plays with some others BM in the vein of Limbonic Art’s album “Ad Noctum – Dinasty of Death”. Or, I should better say, this is how that album from Limbonic Art should have sound if the did something’s different then they did on it. First of all, the keyboards are way more in front and they give to that chaos that the guitars and drums give a more symphony. Also, this way it doesn’t sound in a way like “lets break the speed limit on this album” way like it was the case with LA. The production of it isn’t clean, it goes a bit more in the old school BM production so certain parts of the music and vocals aren’t that clean and the listener should pay attention on the tiny details in it. The 3 songs here are very long, the shortest song is only ( 😛 ) 18 minutes long. That is maybe a weak point of this album since certain parts of the songs sound a bit copy+paste and don’t offer much new stuff to the listeners. Maybe it would have been better to shorter them for a few minutes, but it doesn’t matter, since the album is very good.


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