Brazilian rocket band back for attack!I think this should be the bands’ new album enterance on market.Aftermath album seems like a higher point after Satanik Annhilation Commando,because albums’ sound and songs are not ordinary and nothing same.Riffs and tunes have many variety and good musicianship and absoulutely this album smells like THRASH metal!…but I point out that the vocals’effects and synths using is not for me.I think the use of effects in the vocal sound should be less and less.The worst point of Aftermath is vocals’ effects,behind this situation,album is 10/10!this albums’ diversity is the using of riffs and songs’ variety.Drum works definetely are sick and sounds like a machine gun quality,for instance,you can hear very well these kicks in ”Granada’ song!Maybe you can imagine that slayer plays in the song Triump of blood!In the songs like Antiyou,First Reign,Chaos inside me,you can surely feel a cold blooded war and satanic rituality!We hear a diversity form and cool sound of black-thrash metal from begining to end in this album!Must have or die!


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