DARKENHOLD ” Castellum”

Those Opposed Records -2014 – France

The French DARKENHÖLD are heard from again. Their latest opus is called “Castellum“ which was released in September 2014 via Those Opposed Records.
You can hear here purest Black Metal. Enriched with synthesizer sounds develop ten songs of bizarre beauty. The raw, primordial Black Metal elements are in constant fight with melodic, bringing light tones. Darkness and light skilful merged to a dark mass. Worlds of ice and darkness open to the listener. The synthesizer insertions give the whole yet a scary touch. Relaxed by acoustic guitar sounds now and then DARKENHÖLD however never lose sight of their pitch-black musical goal. Sorrow, hopelessness and infinite darkness are here within one’s reach. DARKENHÖLD are successful with “Castellum“ in transporting the spirit of the Old World into the year 2014 without thereby seeming corny. Listen to the cd yourselves and form your own opinions!!!!


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