Century Media – 2012 – Sweden

This is no new material from Dark Tranquility, this is the bonus CD from the tour edition of “Where Death is most Alive” and it is now available for download via iTunes. I think that this is a nice idea to do it this way, instead of making the fans buy something more expansive just for 5 songs. The 5 songs here from this EP are in the style of their last album and who liked that album will also like this EP. It is the logical sequel to it and it shortens the time until the next album. I don’t know if they played these songs live or if they will do it in the future since they are “just” bonus material, but I must say that it would be a pity if they don’t do that. Like I said, this EP has 5 songs from which one is an instrumental and its put in the middle of the EP. It is also the shortest song here on this EP. I would recommend to the fans to check it out.


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