DARK MAN SHADOW ”Victims Of Negligence”

Schwarzdorn Production-2013-Germany

DARK MAN SHADOW are from Germany and already exist since 1998. “Victims Of Negligence“ is their third cd. It is distributed via Schwarzdorn Production.
It is not easy to describe the music of DARK MAN SHADOW. Very symphonic, bombast bordering songs which include different musical genres. Complex sound sturctures which are located in the Gothic area mix with hard (Black) Metal guitar riffs which are interspersed now and then. It develops a very melodic musical mass which is dark and morbid. Jazzed up with diverse keyboard insertions is generated an eerily beautiful black atmosphere. The ideal soundtrack for an horror or vampire movie! The use of hard male vocals and opera-like female vocals reinforce and support this impression. Very technical played you can hear with each note that grown musicians were at work who know what they want musically. The hard doubleblast drumming which partially goes in the highspeed area, but is then again moderated, supports the hard aspect of the production. By the variable use of speed “Victims Of Negligence“ gets at no time boring or verbose. Who is into a Metal mix with a lot of female vocals can regardless grab! All the others should also check DARK MAN SHADOW. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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