DARK BLASPHEMER ”Drowning In Depression”

Self-Released – 2012 – Argentinia

DARK BLASPHEMER are from Argentinia. Since 2011 existing as a band they released last year their debut “Drowning In Depression“ in in-house production.

What does my ears hear there? Like the cd title let already guess unblemished Depressive Black Metal. Pitch-black sound frameworks wrapped in halting riffs. These are conscious kept simple in order to musically emphasise the dark, desperate atmosphere. Powerful drumming supports the impressive screams of vocalist Artaza Bioris. He seems to scream his mind to the heavens with each song and turns his innermost part inside out.The listener is taken along on a journey into the innermost of the soul which is full of pain and suffering. Musical speckles try to temper the impasse a bit without thereby forfeiting of intensity and darkness. DARK BLASPHEMER play very dedicated and ambitious. Chck out “Drowning In Depression“. It’s worth it!!!!

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