DANTALION ”Return to Deep Lethargy”

Unexploded Records – 2012 – Spain

DANTALION from Spain released last year their already fourth cd “Return To Deep Lethargy“ via Unexploded Records.

Once on the road as a pure Black Metal band meanwhile you can’t realize much of this anymore. A mixture of Doom and Rock resounds to me here. Gloomy and equipped with some Black Metal speckles the cd is a credit to its title. Riffs which are sometime Doom then also again make leeway into the Rock area go into a symbiosis with gloomy musical basic frames. As a result develops a pitch-black undertone which is characterized by pains, hate and lethargy. The powerful drumming which is however never too present still do one last thing! Vocalist and guitarist Sanguinist screams his mind to the heavens. Pure emotions. “Return To Deep Lethargy“ got no easy to consume cd. DANTALION experiment here with tones and speed in the Doom area. The all in all seven songs move all in the mid tempo area. It is demanded a lot from the listener and you already need some time for this cd. For fans of experimental, gloomy Doom Metal a must!!!

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